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Bicycling Through Europe 1998
A Travelogue

Monday, September 7

From To Distance (km) Average Speed (km/hr) Max Speed (km/hr) Odometer (km) Riding Time (hr:min:sec) Push-Ups
Frankfurt, Germany Eberstadt, Germany 42.15 14.2 31.3 45 2:57:18 50

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This morning we arrived at the Frankfurt airport about 7AM local time. We removed our bikes from their boxes and assembled them, sailed through customs, and headed out the door. Although the Frankfurt airport had given us difficulties in previous years, this year we managed to find our way out of the airport complex with relative ease. We headed south and kept riding until late in the afternoon, because we figured that if we stopped riding and checked into a Gasthof (small hotel), we'd fall immediately asleep.

We had a spaghetti lunch in Moerfelden and continued on through Darmstadt to Ober-Ramstadt Kreis. We bypassed one hotel and ended up riding another hour in the rain, occasionally a hard rain. As we were riding through a nice (muddy) single-track mountain bike path, not certain whether we were going in the right direction, Matt began "stating facts" about how we could have stayed in that one hotel. But eventually we found a nice hotel in Eberstadt. We checked in, ate some quick joghurt and granola, and fell promptly to sleep.

The distance of 42.15 km that I ended up with on my new Specialized cyclometer was short by quite a bit, because I hadn't yet discovered the cyclometer's frustrating idiosyncracies. It turns out that this cyclometer doesn't restart automatically when you start rolling. After a while it shuts down and you have to manually press a button to get it to start recording again. Dumb design. What's even dumber is that by clicking through its several modes (distance, speed, average speed, max speed, and so on), you actually change the numbers! Matt and I decided we should design our own simple cyclometer.

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